The Farmer’s canine review

The Farmer’s canine is a company focused on delivering freshly cooked, human-grade canine food.

On their site you just answer some questions and they create a customized meal plan specifically for your dog. All meals arrive pre-portioned and ready to serve.

You receive perfectly timed shipments to guarantee you never run out of food and you can adjust or cancel your plan at any time.

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The Farmer’s canine Review

This is a great concept, and it solves a couple of problems canine lovers regularly face. উদাহরণ স্বরূপ:

1. many canine owners want to feed the highest-quality food they can afford without having to cook it themselves.

2. It’s a pain to go out and purchase huge bags of dry food every month, haul them inside and store them.

3. much more and much more canine owners are skeptical of dry/processed kibble but they’re not comfortable or interested in feeding raw canine food. Fresh, homecooked food is a good alternative.

The Farmer’s Dog cooks fresh food for your canine and delivers to your home. It’s made with USDA human grade ingredients and pre-portioned out for your dog according to weight, breed, activity level, etc.

It’s healthy and it’s convenient.

Not surprisingly, this type of canine food does cost much more than kibble, which is to be expected given that it’s made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients and delivered fresh on dry ice. I found that it’s similar in price to numerous of the raw canine food brands I’ve purchased.

What is the cost of The Farmer’s Dog?

The cost varies depending on the size of your dog, or course. It can start at as little as $11 per week. If this sounds too expensive, you can reach out to their customer service team with your budget and they’ll try to work with you!

To give you an example, the cost to feed my 68-pound lab mix The Farmer’s canine for one week is about $60.

The first time you order, The Farmer’s canine will send you two weeks’ worth of food for the price of one and totally free shipping. This is developed so you can see the benefits and make sure the food is best for your dog. then you would set up your own delivery schedule so you never run out of food.

If you’re curious on the details of the exact cost for your dog, it’s easiest if you fill out a quick profile here so you can see a sample meal plan for your dog’s needs and the cost.

What’s distinct about The Farmer’s Dog?

The Farmer’s canine is distinct because it delivers fresh, cooked canine food best to your door that is customized for your dog’s nutritional profile. When you fill out your dog’s profile, you’ll be asked about age, size, activity, breed, allergies, any health issues and more.

The food is made without any preservatives and is delivered on dry ice. ingredients are human grade, and the company ships directly to customers.

Also, if you’re on a budget the company will work with customers on options so they can mix fresh food in with their dogs’ current food or use as a topper.

Pros of The Farmer’s Dog:

Food is fresh and delivered best to your door!
Meals are pre-portioned per day so it’s easy to serve
Made with USDA human-grade ingredients
No preservatives
The meals are tailored to your dog’s needs. You fill out a profile for your canine & can adjust as needed. For example, we figured out Ace’s portions were likely too high in calories so after two weeks we could decrease the portions for the next delivery.


The price is higher than many of us are used to spending on canine food
There isn’t an option for cats quite yet
You have to fill out a questionnaire on the site before you can get detailed pricing info
I thought the food had too numerous veggies/fiber compared to the meat/protein. I have a lean canine who needs a lot of calories from fat and protein.

I would recommend this food for …

I would recommend this food for someone who is interested in feeding their canine high-quality fresh food without having to cook the food or go out and purchase the ingredients. If you do not have a significant budget to spend on canine food, this may not be the best choice at this time.

It’s convenient that meals are automatically shipped to your door at your benefit (delivered on dry ice). It’s a good option for someone searching for a much more natural diet for their canine but who is not necessarily interested in feeding raw canine food.

Would your canine like to try food from The Farmer’s Dog?

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